About Giovani Mobarak


Giovani was born in Pasadena. Shortly afterward he moved to Bolivia, South America. Being able to speak both English and Spanish fluently, he understands cultural differences very well. For this reason, he can relate to, understand and assist the diverse communities in Los Angeles.

After returning to Los Angeles in 2012, and after studying Business and Marketing, he realized that he had a fascination with the beauty of architecture, design, and all the elements that are part of it. It was then where he decided to be involved in real estate representation.

Having an innate talent in being able to naturally build strong and lasting relationships with people, Giovani is fully committed to going above and beyond for every single one of his clients in any situation. Giovani's dedication to his work, integrity, honesty, negotiation skills, conceptualizing creative ideas, keen attention to detail, are all amplified by the satisfaction and joy he brings in helping his clients find their ideal home.

When he is not advising his clients in real estate, Giovani enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, going to the beach, playing sports, hiking, and going for long and fun walks with his dog.

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This long-standing background in the music and entertainment industry is a driving force behind Jonathan's creative, attentive approach to luxury real estate and Jonathan today now represents these same clients and their ever-growing real estate portfolios.

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